Friday, January 11, 2013

6 Months

I can't believe it's been so long since I've had a chance to post.  Life is busy and fun and wonderful.  I forget how much Noah has grown and developed until I look at earlier pictures of him and he is almost unrecognizable.  About the middle of November he learned to roll over.  That lead to a few miserable nights because he would roll to his stomach but it would wake him up and he would start crying.  To add to the miserable nights I was paranoid about him sleeping on his stomach so I was constantly checking on him.  Now he will only sleep on his stomach and travels the whole crib throughout the night.  Once he started rolling not just from back to stomach, but also stomach to back he hasn't stopped moving.  I set him on the ground and off he goes!  Our play time consists of lining toys up all around the condo and watching as he goes from one to the other.  The holidays were fun, but to be honest a bit difficult this year.  It really is hard having a six month old because nap time and sometimes bed time would be thrown off and that lead to a not very happy baby.  Hopefully next year will be a bit better!  My new years resolution is to get Noah to take a nap on his own in his crib.  Yes, he still takes a nap on me.  I know how it started while I was recovering from having him.  I just wanted to hold him and that turned into him only wanting me to hold him while he takes his naps.  He is WONDERFUL at night so I have had a hard time wanting to transition into the naps in his crib.  He usually sleeps about 9-12 hours at night in the crib so a few hours on mom during the day isn't bad, right?  Currently I am watching him on the monitor fighting a nap and just waiting for me to come get him.  His cries are slowly breaking my heart but I know eventually he has to learn to do it on his own.  Scott got a new position and work and is doing the best he can to transition.  He knows it was the right decision but he absolutely loved what he did before so it will just take time.  As for me, I get the blessing of watching my son grow and develop and explore and I love it.  Life could not be better.  The smiles and laughs (and I mean big belly laughs!) make being a stay at home mom truely the best thing in the whole world and I try to remember to thank Scott everyday for allowing me to do it.

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